Baxter Stone Circle Load up has four different styles to set-up circles, admirers and sweeping curves that improve the landscape with flowing designs. Unfortunately customers have to simply accept a 5 level vetting is a limited examination done about the same day and cannot identify every problem that could or might not appear at sometime in the fo… Read More

With around 78,000 homeowners who rely on septic systems in Snohomish Region, these problems can truly add up. Since septic systems tend to be out of sight and out of mind, many people may have systems that cause a threat with their health insurance and could pollute close by lakes or streams. That's why it's so important to possess your septic sys… Read More

There are various types of septic tanks. The picture shows the top of an individual compartment rectangular concrete tank, with three access ports (green cylinders) located over the septic tank inlet, outlet and middle. The most frequent septic tank variants are discussed below. Sturdiness - The service life of precast cement has been proven to be … Read More

Unsurpassed durability. Reinforced with experienced anatomist and technical support. Often it's important to set up a precast cement grease interceptor or septic fish tank in a vehicular traffic area. We have a full line of traffic ranked products including a 6,000-20,000 gallon Septic, Pump and Grease Tanks designed and approved to handle H-20 and… Read More

The EN Qualified Septic Tank has a 3,800 litre (840 Gallons) capacity filled with ¾ - ¼ split Baffle Wall. It really is a Twin Chamber Tank and its own capacity is ideal for 8 people. NSF and CSA listed to internationally identified performance benchmarks - certified assessment insures quality, consistency, safety and extended life. Weather Level… Read More